SMS:  Synergizing Math Scientifically Summary

  This project involves the integration of math and science concepts through activities directly applying OKPASS.  Twenty-seven Mid-Del and two Crutcho School teachers, grades 4 – 8  experienced classroom, lab and field activities.  Using information from a Professional Development Needs Survey conducted fall of '05 and the Oklahoma Core Criterion Testing results, math, science, and engineering faculty members from Rose State College’s Dare to Dream Team worked closely with project planners to target activities to indicated areas of need.  Attention was given to the concepts, processes, and principles associated with mathematical problem solving, scientific inquiry, and technological components.

  The summer institute opened with an exploration and correlation of math and science content objectives for the OKPASS standards.  Math became the starting point as manipulatives accentuating the concepts of measurement and patterns gradually develop into statistics with technological applications.  Physical science content and activities permit the integration of math skills.  One Friday allowed participants to apply new skills during a teacher/student interaction day.

  Week two continued to emphasis the correlation of math and science content with a focus shift to earth and life science.  Transitioning from the classroom and lab into field applications participants made use of the environment to study classic examples of earth and life science concepts as the group traveled to the Arbuckle Mountains and National Chickasaw Recreation Area.  Follow-up activities during the school year focus on applications and strategies for instruction.

  Funding for this project was provided by the Okahoma State Department of Education, Title II B,  NCLB Math and Science Partnership Program. It is supported by the National Science Foundation.